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After working with over 10,000 companies, we know how to address the issues directly on your radar and those that may not be as apparent but are no less important. We’ve come to recognize that most business challenges can be considered within three territories. We can help you with all three.

Our team can support you with things like:

  • Founder/CEO Support
  • Go to Market Strategy & Execution
  • Hiring & Employee Retention
  • Purchase Funnel Optimization
  • Brand Building & Messaging
  • Product & Pricing Optimization
  • Client Journey Planning & Delivering
  • Market Planning



We help target whatever is in your highest interest that will produce the greatest ROI relative to resources available. And we do it in a way that feels good, bringing out the best of who and what you are.

If you are not delighted with your messaging, your elevator pitch, or your brand story, welcome to the club. You are in the majority!

I have worked with over 1,000 people and businesses who have invested mightily to build wonderful propositions. I’ve learned that everyone, including me, slip into one or more Mind Traps when presenting their offering and it erodes conversion and detracts from the propositions they have worked so hard to create. The three biggest challenges I witness.

Operating in FIRST PERSON mode. Our instinct to explain who we are or what our product does often with little or no consideration for how prospects interpret this information. This is where the 10 Mind Traps emerge that work against your best interests.

Having ONE WAY TO TELL THEIR STORY. Prospects have different amounts of time and interest yet most messaging is designed for a single scenario or include too many messages.

Selling on BENEFITS only. Prospects are also searching for RISKS or reasons not to buy from any cue they might interpret.  It only takes one risk to offset 5 benefits.

The Rise Framework allows you to present your proposition in the way that both you and your prospects will love. The feedback we get most…”This is what I always wanted to say but never knew how.”

The Rise Framework

The Rise Framework is a single framework that supports sales, marketing, operations, and culture developed through deep empathy for the customer

In the process of building your best Rise Framework, you can expect the following:


You are going to feel phenomenal because we help you extract and own the very best of why you matter to the world.


This is much more than branding. We help you uplift your offering to benefit you and your target audience.

Our dual approach covers the benefits you provide while solving for risks your prospects may anticipate.

A team supporting you that is smart, committed, and can help you become the best version of yourself.


A complete activation journey our team can help you rollout over time.

Mind Traps

Solve the 10 Mind Traps through The Rise Framework to Transform how you Bring Your Offerings to the World

Mind Traps erode conversion and culture for every brand, person, and business.

Over Explainer

Over Explainer

  • Passionate and inspired about what they do
  • Communications will meander across several topics
  • Lots of storytelling and anecdotal experiences

‍Win: Prospects who are drawn to your passion.

‍Lose: Prospects who can’t figure out the conclusion they should draw or who fear you may be disorganized.

Copy Catter

Copy Catter

  • Look at key competitors to determine how to present themselves
  • Attempt to incorporate their own distinctions, but still mostly blend in as similar
  • Evidence suggests they are like everybody else

‍Win: Prospects who are having a problem with their current provider.

‍Lose: Prospects because they see little that tells them to work with you vs. someone else.

Feature Lister

Feature Lister

  • Presents lengthy feature lists attempting to win Prospects by overwhelming them with evidence of the benefits of buying their offering
  • Fails to inspire a vision of how the prospect’s life will be improved… the before and after picture
  • Creates risks that features may not all be delivered or can co-exist effectively

‍Win: Prospects who tend to be more technical and fact-focused.

‍Lose: Prospects who feel overwhelmed or who are looking for more emotional inspiration.



  • Chases the next tactic hoping this will be the one to take off
  • Tactics are one-offs and often are not fully baked before launching
  • Forgets the previous tactic as the new shiny opportunity surfaces

‍Win: Prospects who are drawn to the tactic.

‍Lose: Prospects because the tactic is not fully integrated into a deeper purpose for the business and lack of commitment comes through to prospects.

Day Jobber

Day Jobber

  • Will do today what they did yesterday, which will be what they will do tomorrow
  • Likes doing what they do more than selling what they do
  • Are often unclear or uncomfortable stating their value proposition when asked

‍Win: Prospects who are drawn to the reliability of the Day Jobber and their offering.

‍Lose: Prospects who never become aware of their offering or who receive a weak pitch when requested.

Pillar Pitcher

Pillar Pitcher

  • Will rely on 2-3 “shiny apples” (the pillars) to pitch their offering
  • Pillars may not be adequately distinctive, can fall into generic marketing speak
  • Overlook risk elements they failed to address (buyers buy the basket of apples)

‍Win: Prospects who like the clarity of the proposition.

‍Lose: Prospects who recognize risk elements or who find the pillars to be generic.



  • Overstates their case through the overuse of grand adjectives or self-importance
  • May cause buyers to feel the Glorifier is lying to them
  • Creates an “after picture” that is misaligned with how the buyer feels about their life

‍Win: Prospects who are drawn to the vision being created.

‍Lose: Prospects who feel they are being oversold and deceived.



  • Defends their choices and misses opportunities to improve
  • May blame the customer for “not getting it”
  • Errors too far in the direction of defending choices and staying in the problem vs. improving and being in the solution

‍Win: Prospects who are drawn to your conviction.

‍Lose: Prospects, and potentially employees, who feel the Defender values his or her needs over theirs.



  • Asks too many questions too early in their pitch
  • Values questions over a clear and consistent value proposition
  • Mistakes questioning for being client-centric

‍Win: Prospects who accept being fully questioned early in the sales process.

‍Lose: Prospects who are irritated by presumptive questioning.



  • Has a large network of friends that blend business and social engagement
  • Can value network and connections over conversions and margin
  • May require incremental technical, prospecting, or closing support

‍Win: Prospects who like more socially oriented selling.

‍Lose: Prospects who don’t want to be sold socially. Organizations may not be designed to support the Schmoozer.

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Mind Traps erode conversion rates and margins, weaken culture, and impede operations. We start here, because until these are resolved, they will continually work against your best interests. Once resolved and replaced through the Rise Framework, people and companies are free to pursue their purpose with a newfound sense of clarity and direction.

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