The Book

The Rise Framework identifies 10 Mind Traps that can prevent businesses from standing out in the market and attracting customers

The Rise Framework book by Doug Harrison

Harrison suggests shifting to a “third-person” mindset that focuses on the customer’s needs and offers an approach for presenting a brand’s unique distinctions. The Rise Framework includes four elements: Promise, Pillars, Proof Points, and Power Plant, and offers case studies to show how this approach can improve sales, marketing, operations, and company culture.

These traps include being an Over Explainer, Copy Catter, Feature Lister, Glorifier, Tactician, Day Jobber, Pillar Pitcher, Defender, Schmoozer, or Interrogator.

Fixing Mind Traps requires three main things…

  1. Awareness of the Mind Trap impacting you.
  2. Practicing deep empathy for the target you are serving and aligning your strengths with what they need to experience and hear.
  3. Going deep into what you do distinctively relative to the rest of the world and owning it.

The Rise Framework also covers:

The death of generic marketing speak and the standard elevator pitch 10 case studies demonstrating application of The Rise Framework Exponential Risk Escalators How our flaws get magnified by our prospects  Qualities of great brands and businesses you can use Building and rolling out your own Rise Framework

Using the Rise Framework

The Rise Framework is a single business framework that incorporates sales, marketing, operations, and culture developed from deep empathy for the customer.

The Rise Framework pyramid
PROMISE The simplest singular message you want your audience to conclude
PILLARS Three headings conveying how you deliver on your Promise
PROOF POINTS Facts and features acting as evidence that each Pillar is delivered
POWER PLANT Operational practices that produce the Proof Points

The Rise Process Results

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